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Date de parution : 20/05/2015


Tests and applications

par: Luc Verschaeve

We are surrounded by environmental agents that may, alone or in combination with other agents, be potentially harmful to our health. This is why environmental monitoring is an important scientific discipline as well as toxicology which aimed at identifying dangerous substances and understanding how they interact with our body. This is also the reason why chemicals that are put on the market should be well characterized and tested so as to know what effects they may have when we are exposed to them. Genetic toxicology is that part of toxicology which deals with the effects of chemical, physical and biological agents on the genetic material of cells and organisms. It is one of the key scientific disciplines, not in the least because so-called genotoxic agents are very often also carcinogens.

This book provides a comprehensive review of most of the currently applied tests methods and indicates how to interpret the obtained results. The tests have many applications in biomedical research and in industrial hygiene and toxicology. Examples of applications are given. They include product testing, biological dosimetry, human population monitoring, environmental monitoring and particular applications such as the detection of irradiated food, the search for new medication by studying antigenotoxic properties of traditional medicinal plants or other natural products, and investigations on the safety of ‘chemically treated’ food products.

This book is of particular importance for students in science or health related disciplines as well as professionals involved in biological and medical research, environmental control and policy.

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Auteur(s) : Luc Verschaeve
ISBN : 9789057182839

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