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Date de parution : 28/02/2020


Ethics and AI

par: Katleen Gabriels

Google’s search engine, Facebook’s timeline and Amazon Echo’s Alexa: much the technology we use every day contains artificial intelligence. Vacuum-cleaning and lawn-mowing robots help us in and around the house, robotic surgeons perform precision operations and, online, chatbots such as Woebot conduct therapy sessions. We can even outsource moral decisions to algorithms. The combination of robots and AI, together with big data, opens up endless possibilities.

In the meantime, the media are sowing the seeds of fear. Self-aware robots acting of their own free will are still a long way away – and may never become a reality – but there are real ethical problems that we cannot ignore. Which decisions should we delegate to machines and which would we rather not? And, who is it that self-learning systems are actually learning from?

We need to be asking ethical questions about design before and during the design process: after all, every product produced by human beings comes into being within a moral environment. Hence this plea for ethical rules not only for robots and AI systems, but also for engineers and other designers. Because innovation is not just about technological progress, it is also about acknowledging, and taking a mindful approach to, the moral choices that come with technology.
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Auteur(s) : Katleen Gabriels
ISBN : 9789057189562
Format : 15 x 22
Taal : Anglais

Le(s) auteur(s)

Katleen Gabriels is a moral philosopher specialising in computer ethics. She works as Assistant Professor at the University of Maastricht. Katleen is the author of Onlife. Hoe de digitale wereld je leven bepaalt ('Onlife. How digitisation shapes your life'). In 2018-19, the Faculty of Science and Engineering of the Free University Brussels (VUB) awarded her the Willy Calewaert Chair

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