Premium services

In addition to our basic services, ASP also presents additional services for academics such as peer review, extensive editorial support, derivative products, … to provide maximum support to the researcher/author/academic and its educational institution.

Peer review

The peer review process is the core of academic publishing and the most important instrument for quality assurance of published scientific material. Thanks to our university-wide editorial board and our academic network of top experts in the humanities sciences, our publications guarantee top quality according to international standards. More information about our peer review procedure can be found here .

Extensive editorial support

For authors who would like additional support in the finalization of their manuscript, we offer help for standardizing sources and references, creating indexes, ... We are happy to prepare a tailor-made offer for this.

Translations / extensive language checks

For translations, language changes, or extensive language checks and corrections, we are happy to make use of our extensive network of professionals. We coordinate this process. We make a competitive price offer for this extra service.

Complex layout

Sometimes a very complex layout with many figures, tables, ... is needed. Complex layouts and designs are not a problem but they are a part of our premium offering. Here too, transparency and fair pricing come first. 

Derivative products and services

As a modern publishing house, we enrich and share content, not only in book form but also through derivative services (training, ...) and products (podcasts, webinars, ...). To provide these services we work together with partners in our academic-scientific ecosystem such as SciComm Academy. For more information, send an email to