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Verschijningsdatum: 23/09/2014


door Thierry Vanelslander,‎ Christa Sys

Worldwide developments like globalisation and scale increase have totally changed the port and maritime landscape. Thinking in terms of separate sections, like ports, has b een replaced by thinking in terms of maritime logistics chains. Successful chains look like well-oiled machines, whereby all sections and nodes are perfectly aligned.

At the same time, these developments also generate new questions in relation to the future industrial-economic structure of the maritime and ports sector. Does the evolution towards bigger ships continue in the direction of even more hub-and-spoke systems? Will there be further consolidation and concentration among shipping companies and port managers? What are the consequences in terms of negotiation power? Will an eventual integration be horizontal or vertical? How dynamic will ports become within logistics chains? What needs to be regulated, and what is to be left to market functioning? How does one infl uence intermodality, comodality and mode choice in hinterland transport?

This book deals with the question how the previously formulated recommendations can concretely be implemented. Which measures should be taken prioritarily? Which timing is to be followed? How do these measures need to be translated into policy steps? Is there a need for a stimulus policy, or is regulation suffi cient? In providing a nswers and scenarios to these questions, the book offers value to scientists, policy makers and practitioners.

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Auteur(s): Thierry Vanelslander,‎ Christa Sys
ISBN: 9789057181795

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