Terms and conditions of ASP Ltd.

1. Each order is subject to these terms and conditions with the exception of the customer's own terms

2. All our prices are VAT included, and P&P excluded.

3. Each invoice which has not been paid by the client-debtor on the due date, produces as of right an interest of 1% per month, with the legal interests as a minimum. Each invoice which has not been paid by the client-debtor on the due date will be increased, as of right and formal notice, as from the second reminder at every turn with an administrative fee of 12,50 euros. These fees are a compensation for the costs caused by the late payment. All other incurrent costs made by ASP intended to collection from the client-debtor, such as costs for registered items, displacement costs, bailiffs’ fees, lawyer’s costs etc., will be counted automatically and should be reimbursed by the client-debtor.

4. The delivered goods shall remain our property until full payment of the price, interests, costs and taxes has been received. All possible risks are borne by the customer from the moment that these goods leave our warehouses onwards.

5. To be valid, complaints must reach us in a written form.
a) in case of a complaint for non-compliance, eight days after delivery of the goods,
b) in case of hidden defects, eight days after the discovery of this defect and not later than six months after delivery.
The filing of a complaint does not relieve the customer of any commitments. Goods may not be returned without our prior agreement. Our guarantee is limited in each case replacing the case and if this is not possible to refund the price.

6. To cancel an order, the client has to submit a written request. In such a case the customer will be charged a standard fee of 40% of the invoiced amount.

7. With the purchase of a subscription-based magazine or periodical the client commits himself to a subscription period of at least one year. In case of a purchase during the year, the issues that have already been published will be sent if they are available. The subscription will be automatically renewed at current subscription prices, unless a written notice has been received at least one month before the expiration date. Each product may consist of several elements which could be billed separately.

8. Any dispute relating to the conclusion, validity, interpretation or implementation of this agreement shall be governed by Belgian law and belongs to the exclusive jurisdiction of the law court in Brussels.

9. Deviations from these general conditions are only possible with our explicit and written consent